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Corporate Accounts

Do Something Out of the Ordinary — Give a Product from Mariasch Studios!

Mariasch Studios wants you to consider us as a major source for all your gift-giving needs to your employees, clients, friends and associates. Whether it's a special occasion, an anniversary, or simply a way of saying "Thanks for doing business with us," you'll be hard pressed to find a better and more memorable way to keep your company name and image in front of valued employees, important customers, friends and family.

Mariasch Studios prides itself on developing Corporate gift programs uniquely designed to please your customers and meet your company goals and objectives.

Mariasch Studios' Corporate Gift Programs are Unique to your Business
Every program Mariasch Studios develops is as unique as you are. We have a number of Corporate customers doing different things. One of our car dealerships, for example, gives away a kitchen towel gift every time someone buys a car. They don't tell the customer they'll be getting a gift. Rather, the dealership waits a week, then sends a "Thank You" package, thanking the customers for buying the car and reminding them to come back for service. The car dealership that uses this custom designed program is getting a lot of return visits for service!

More Ways Companies Use Mariasch Studios' Corporate Gift Program
Some companies provide us with customized greeting cards they produce in-house and ask us to ship the cards with every gift box we send out. Other companies simply fax us a list of people who should receive gift items along with the desired price and product range. We take care of everything else, including insertion of customized gift cards with each gift box and automatic shipping.

We can even do private labeling for our Corporate customers. This a great way for a company to project its own image and strengthen its identity with customers and prospects. Call or e-mail us for more information about this service.

Hotels and Travel Agents send products from Mariasch Studios to their Customers
Mariasch Studios' has developed corporate programs for hotels that use baskets in all their VIP rooms. Some of our travel agent customers use our gift items as "give-aways" to couples making honeymoon travel arrangements. These are just some of the ways our Corporate customers are using our products. The ideas are endless!

Products from Mariasch Studios have been a valuable sales tool for My Choice Travel! All our cruise clients receive a fabulous gift basket that has been especially made for us! This is always well received and leaves an indelible impression, unlike a bottle of wine, many months later. Our sales representatives use the thank you cards and mini baskets on sales calls. It's a wonderful way to make a great first impression! Mixing business with pleasure is a great combination with Mariasch Studios!

Michael Hamm - President
My Choice Travel

Product Business Cards, Logos & More
There is no better way to promote your corporate identity than to give away gifts with your name on them. Send customers and prospects a custom product, your logo or replicas of the newest addition to your product line, and you'll have them talking you up to everyone they meet! Customers really appreciate — and look forward to — receiving one of our handmade products. They will appreciate you for sending them such a high quality, indescribably gift. You can be sure they'll spread kind words about your company to their friends, family and associates.

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Years ago I discovered you in a showroom and fell for your great towels. You guys were way ahead of your time with the best towels 20 years ago!

-- Felicia, Playa Del Rey, CA

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